Context :

As Night must give way to the Day, Day must give way to the Night.

This time, Helios betrayed the natural order of life by refusing to give up his realm and destroying the Seed of Dusk. Nyx send another one and her child to re-establish the Cycle. But her child needs a guide to accomplish this quest... And this guide is you, the Warden.

Game Controller : Gamepad

Move Left/Right ⇒ Left Analog 
Jump ⇒ LB
Aim ⇒ Right Analog
Shoot ⇒ RT

Crédits :
Team Elysium

Wesley Brutus - Level Design, Sound Design
Delphine Routin - Art, Narrative Design
Julie Lecomte - Art, Animation 
Félix de Laveleye - Game Dev, Game Design

Published 28 days ago
AuthorsShinza2D, Wiki06, PapiLezard, Ennrael
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Fantasy

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